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Athlete Sports Performance Training

Here at Explosion Fitness Solutions, we begin the speed/agility training and strength training process with an assessment of athletic ability. Once the basic assessment has been completed, we begin the process of building high level athletes through creating and maintaining athletic strength with proper movement mechanics. Once the strength component has been attained, we then begin to work through the speed, power and force phases. Throughout the course of the training program, Explosion Fitness Solutions implements injury prevention to help each athlete remain in competition. The athlete is now prepared for Peak Performance in their chosen sport. The explosive training athletes receive at Explosion Fitness Solutions will prepare them to achieve their personal athletic best.

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Flexibility, Mobility and Balance

Creating a solid foundation of flexibility, mobility and balance allows for the best possibility to solidify proper movements..

Proper Movment Patterns and Core

Correcting movement patterns and increasing core strength is essential to being able to increase strength. 



After foundational strength has been established, the athlete can begin training their force potential to create more power in their athletic movement.

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Once a solid foundation has been established, the athlete can progress their training with increasing their overall strength. 

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Now, the athlete can combine proper movements with their strength and power to maximize athletic speed. 

Injury Prevention

Every step of the way, athletes will maintain basic injury prevention relative to their specific sport. 

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