It is the mission of the R4L Basketball Program to educate today's youth with confidence, commitment and integrity.  The R4L Program provides many opportunities for youth in the greater Cincinnati area to learn and grow through the game of basketball by constantly reinforcing the rules and fundamentals of team basketball.  The R4L Program offers structured, age and skill level opportunities as well as qualified coaches who will work with each child to instill a sense of sportsmanship, self-confidence and teamwork regardless of their ability.  Lastly we hope to provide your child with an experience that teaches them the tools in order for them to achieve their basketball goals.

Winter Teams 

The Winter Wolves program is different from the Summer and Fall Wolves program.

Tryouts are held in November of each year, and cuts will be made. Teams are formed based on the ability of the athletes (Travel Team and Local). Teams will practice each week starting in November.  Travel Teams will play in 3 local tournaments and two away tournaments.  Local teams will play in a league and 4 local tournatmets.

In our winter program, the coach decides how the team is structured, and equal playing time is not guaranteed. 

Teams will be for 2nd through High School Boys and Girls. 

Girls Team meeting will be 6:30pm to 8:30pm Nov 8th.

Boys Team meeting will be 6:30pm to 8:30pm Nov 9th.

Cost will range from : $350 to $570 based upon number of players on the team. 

Registration is free.

Registration HERE

AAU Individual Tryouts

Tryouts held in February and March. The season runs from March through June or July.

Description: The Spring is the most popular season of Basketball at Courts 4 Sports where our most competitive teams are created.  Tryouts are at the end of February for 3rd-8th grade Boys and Girls followed by the beginning of March for High School Boys and Girls.

Teams will practice twice per week as well as play in a league and at a minimum of four tournaments.  The emphasis is on winning and playing time is not guaranteed.  For older teams, college exposure is important at this time to get their name recognized.


Summer Teams 

The season runs from July through August

Description: There are no tryouts for our Wolves Summer Teams, any and all individuals who sign up and pay will be placed on a Wolves team with kids of the same age.  Normally an average of 10 players will be on each team. The program emphasizes team play and game experience. 

Summer Wolves teams participate in our Summer Basketball League, meaning they will have games on Sunday afternoons & evenings at Courts4Sports.

Ages: 3rd Grade-High School boys & girls.
When registering use age from the 2020-2021 school year.

COST: $225 per individual
(includes 5 practices, summer league, uniforms, ref fees, etc.)

Registering is  FREE and individuals then pay once they're on a team. 

Teams need to be formed by June 25th!

**When registering, please opt to receive "email campaigns" for important team updates.

Fall Teams

Beginning of September - End of October

3rd Grade through High School (Boys and Girls)

Description: There are no tryouts for our Wolves Fall Training Teams.  Any and all individuals who sign up will be placed on an inhouse team (normally an average of 10 players per team).  Practices take place on Monday thu Thursday evenings, and games take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings.

This season emphasizes individual development with fair playing time.

Ages: 3rd Grade through High School (Boys and Girls)

When registering use age from the 2021-2022 school year.

Age divisions are based on the 2020-2021 school year.

Cost: $175 plus uniform ($60)

includes weekly practices fall league.

 (No refunds once teams are formed)

**When registering, please opt to receive "email campaigns" (important game & league updates)