CVA Tryout Results (Boys 2019-20)

Thank you for trying out for CVA! The following players have been selected to play in our CVA program. Players that have been invited to play on a team have until Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 11:59pm to accept a position on the team. 

There is a list of alternates waiting to be placed on a team. Therefore, we ask that players make a decision as soon as possible. Alternates will be moved up to teams based on position, division requested, and school.

To accept/decline your offer, click on your tryout number and fill out the JO Acceptance form. We will regularly update the teams with the results.

Once you accept a position on a team, an email will be sent to you with the next steps. This will include instructions for paying the deposit for the team, uniform fittings, and a team meeting.

 14 Regional
Carter Lucas
Ari DelVecchio
 Matthew Tran
Max Hollowell
Jet Sanchez
Tyler Ahlers
Benjamin Soloria

 15 National  15 Regional
Will Patterson Jacob Goldberg
Brody Threm Bernie Lampe
Matthew Pung Charlie Krebs
Bentley Meyer Layne Walter
Bradley Lanter Bryden Meyer
Fred Harvey Reece Bailey
Thomas Tran Brady Jones
Owen Huynh
Jack Dollard
Keegan Todd
Kyle Dannemiller


 17 Regional/National Lite
Adam Jeffers
Jacob Burg
Jared Walden
Jon Conner
Cole Ewert
Aidan Davidson
Gavin Blum
Eric Milner
Posted on Friday, December 20, 2019