U12 Tryout Results
(12 National, 12 American, 12 Regional, 12 Regional) 

Thank you for trying out for CVA! The following players have been selected to play on our 12s program. Players that have been invited to play on a National Team have until Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 9pm to accept a position on the team. Players that have been invited to play on American and Regional teams have until November 6th (9pm) to decide. (This is an Ohio Valley Region National Level Signing Day rule).

There is a list of alternates waiting to be placed on a team. Therefore, we ask that players make a decision as soon as possible. Alternates will be moved up to teams based on position, division requested, and school.

Once the teams have formed, an email will be sent to you with the next steps. This will include instructions for paying the deposit for the team, uniform fittings, and a team meeting.

12 National 12 American 12 Regional 12 Regional
Kaylee Barker Claire Baker Allison Bausmith Jordan Barnett
Mia Bensman Maria Baker Lauren Bilhorn Allison Brennan
Chloe Garcilazo Addie Burch Frankie Blessing Sololiya Ebba
Caroline Hinker Alexis Dreher Madeline Dressing Sophia Mack
Brooklyn Humphrey Avery Loudin Grace Konrad Emma Niebauer
Kate Nienaber Emma Sweeten Caitlin Raymond Abigail Schneider
Ava Hibbitt Anna Young Lilly Steverson Sydney Wilson
Njeri Keigi Ellie Schrock Haley Walker 254
Gabriella O'Keefe Corinne Stallings Rachel Miller 1201
Eliana Stepaniak 1202


Posted on Friday, December 20, 2019