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Looking to improve your fitness?

Explosion can help gain muscle, lose weight, improve nutrition and so much more.

Not sure if
it is right for you?

Explosion can accommodate most every person with their specific needs and goals.

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what options are

Explosion has a variety of training options available for all ages, abilites and personal goals.

Can i
talk to someone?

Explosion is happy to have a conversation with you to answer any and all questions you may have.

Kelly B.

Explosion Fitness Solutions has helped me rehab my back after having surgery. I am now more confident in my everyday activities and able to exercise regularly. I am currently in the best shape of my life.


Karin M.

Our family has been involved with Explosion Fitness Solutions since 2009, and has participated in everything from Sports Performance Classes to Personal Training and Therapeutic Exercise. There is something for everyone looking to improve their health and fitness. 



Scott H.

I was skeptical on if I could handle the training, but the trainers did a great job of adapting the exercises to each person's ability while still pushing them to their limits.  Anyone at any age and any fitness level can train with the staff at Explosion Fitness Solutions. 

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Tel: 513-870-0203


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