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About Us

There is an Explosion Trainer for everyone.

Our team here at Explosion Fitness Solutions is know for our knowledge, expertise, communication and passion.

All our personal trainers are college educated and have a good working knowledge of the body. We have a variety of sports backgrounds. Some of which are football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball and running. The Explosion Staff is also a very family oriented team made up of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. Our different backgrounds help us accommodate clients of all shapes, sizes, roles and jobs. We work together to give our clients the best fitness training experience possible. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.


Our Story

It is no great surprise to see gyms around every corner. But is that same gym there in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Unfortunately more times than not, that answer is no. 

Explosion continues to break that mold.


In 2004, Dr. Joe Lindeman had the idea to open a fitness facility. His thought process was to create a gym and an environment his chiropractic clients could go to to help improve their health when they were out of his office. He also wanted to create a facility that catered to young athletes to help them take their game to the next level in competition.


In 2005, his idea became a reality. Dr. Joe brought the young and energetic Matt Wheeler on board, and together the two of them built and grew Explosion Fitness Solutions. Success was quickly found and Explosion's business was growing, finding the need for an Office Manager. Dr. Joe and Matt Wheeler brought their childhood friend Shawn Neuhaus into the fold in 2006.  The continued growth meant Explosion outgrew the small office space next to Dr. Joe's chiropractic office. The change in location added room for more growth in staff. In 2011, Explosion expanded and opened a location in Mason. Explosion now has multiple locations and satellite locations. 

Over the years, Explosion has proven to have longevity in the industry. This is due to a continuous quest for knowledge and staying active in the field. The staff regularly participates in Trainers Guilds to continue to learn and grow. The continuous continuity of trainers also allows for great accountability and great relationships between trainers and clients. 

Aside from the incredible training, the best quality Explosion has to offer clients is the feeling of friends and family. What better way to achieve your fitness goals than alongside people (trainers and clients) who want to see you succeed.

Meet The Team


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