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Explosion Fitness Solutions has structured the Bootcamp class to give each client the greatest opportunity to achieve personal goals. Incorporating flexibility, mobility, balance, endurance, cardio, strength, and power into every class, Explosion Fitness Solutions designs Bootcamps to help individuals attain Peak Human Performance. The basic layout of the class is ideal for individuals of all ages. Each Trainer is skilled and willing to make minor adjustments to the workouts based on each client's abilities. The class is good for people who want to lose weight, gain strength, improve cardiovascular health, generally improve their health and wellness and age gracefully.

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Flexibility, Mobility and Balance

Creating a solid foundation of flexibility, mobility and balance allows for the best possibility to solidify proper movements..

Endurance and Cardio

Using proper movement patterns and various cardio activities, we beign to build up endurance in our muscles and cardiovascular health.


Strength and Power

Once a solid foundation has been established, the client can progress their training with increasing their overall strength and force potential to maximize calories burned.

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