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Prenatal Training

Prenatal Training is very important for the physical health of pregnant women. Due to the increased production of the hormone Relaxin, pregnant women become more flexible. This creates a risk for hyper-mobility injuries, leading to the need for training of "end range" strength. 

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is a common Specialty Training done at Explosion Fitness Solutions. Whether it is the result of a surgery or an injury left untreated,  frozen shoulder is a huge reduction in quality of life, and can be reversed with Explosion Fitness Solutions expertise.


Competitive Running

Competitive Running is not just running. The training preparation involves strength training, proprioception training, core training, as well as muscular endurance training. All of which can be accomplished in the weight room in conjunction with running.

Competitive Archery

Competitive Archery is an up and coming sport in the nation. This sport requires a unique rotational and stabilizing strength that Explosion Fitness Solutions provides.


 Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Spinal Fusions are no simple thing. Proper knowledge is required to create a training regiment that creates safe mobility and builds strength arounf the fusion for safe movements.


Scoliosis is a common condition. Specialized training can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by the sideways curvature of the spine. Creating better mobility and flexibility, while simultaneously improving strength will help diminish the symptoms associated with Scoliosis.


Cervical Spinal Fusion

Cervical Fusions are very serious and can have very severe long lasting effects on a person's life. With proper care and training, Explosion Fitness Solutions can not only keep you active in your daily life, but help you surpass some of your more challenging fitness goals.

Team Training

Training teams and programs as a whole has been a staple in Explosion Fitness Solutions training. Team training helps build not only stronger, faster, quicker athletes, but also creates a better team chemistry.


Tom M.

For 9 years now, we (Lakota East Women's Soccer) have had a smooth program creating an incremental progression of our athletes structured around strength, flexibility and injury prevention. In my opinion, all High School sports programs should be training with Explosion.


Jeff C.

Our golf program (Lakota East Men's Golf) has been working with Explosion for over 10 years. With their structured program, we have seen much better posture in the golf swing, as well as speed and balance.


Jamie M.

I began training (with Explosion) for my frozen shoulder 6 years ago. Since then, not only am I at 95% with my shoulder, but I am seeing steady progress with regards to better diet, better fitness, and I look and feel great!

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